Do you believe in the dignity of every human being? Would you like to be a part of a community with your neighbors?

Community of Hope is a new outdoor worship service in Albuquerque, New Mexico with the aim of bringing people together who are housed and street, churched and un-churched, so that together we might have a deeper relationship with God and one another. At Community of Hope we gather every Sunday at 1pm on the south lawn outside Central United Methodist Church to share a meal, pray for one another, sing, talk about God in our lives, and receive Holy Communion.

We are looking for teams of four or more people to help serve a meal, participate in worship, and simply come and be. To sign up to help at Community of Hope, click on:

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  1. lester sims said:

    I’m a “tweener” I’ve been homeless in past and can be with 1 wrong move r event…i am also an official member of Central, transferring membership form Denver, CO…so, i’m in a quandry on how to connect; do I serve at CofHope, do I be served or just be there as I am, churched and housed; but having real knowledge of being homeless?

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