Feed the Need 2014

IMG_2294On January 26, youth from around the state of New Mexico gathered to help feed and clothe the homeless population of Albuquerque in a program called Feed the Need. Central United Methodist Church served as one of three Feed the Need locations. At Central, more than 50 youth served approximately 300 people.

Feed the Need not only offered hamburgers, hot dogs, and clothing items, but also brought people together in relationship, prayer, and worship.

Before lunch was served, people shared in the sacrament of Holy Communion. IMG_2286In a different perspective of who served who, two formerly homeless gentlemen served communion to the volunteer youth.

Kristin Leve of Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless remembered the recent loss of her friend Mary Stuckman through the words of this poem:

IMG_2299Tell those that are important to you
Just how important they are
Tell those that matter
That they do
And be kind to those that are neither
You may just save a life and a soul.

At Feed the Need 2014 not only were many people fed, but many souls were touched.


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