Amazing Community

People never cease to amaze me—in wonderful ways.

When we began Community of Hope our dream was not simply to worship or have a meal, but to bring people together in genuine community. Our hope was that people housed and street, churched and unchurched, would begin to see each other as fellow children of God. That in each other’s eyes we might see Christ.

Today that was realized in so many unexpected ways. Many of our regular volunteers, musicians, and chef wereall unavailable on the same day.


On short notice, Sharon’s Gourmet to Go donated the most amazing food: quality mac and cheese, fresh salad, bread, and homemade deserts. The food was served by Central UMC’s Class of Promise. And, the Rev Todd Seelau and Gil Flores provided music.

However, this service was not one way. People shared. Jimmy taugt us that when we care for one another we are loving God. As shown in the picture below, Wray and Peggy danced.

Wray and Peggy Dance

Wray and Peggy Dance

God’s people joined together for a meal, music, worship, and conversation. It wasn’t in the way anyone expected, it was much greater.


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