Urban Way of the Cross


The Good Friday “Urban Way of the Cross” is a pilgrimage through Albuquerque’s community of need and mercy, pain and hope—places where Jesus is being crucified today.  This pilgrimage through downtown Albuquerque links stories of Jesus’ interactions with those on the margins to stories of people today whose lives are at risk—children who have been neglected or abused, elderly pushed aside, the urban poor, immigrants seeking refuge, the homeless, and people who daily make the hard choice between food and housing or health care or heat.  There’s another side to these stories—the side of those who ease the burden.  Places that help the homeless, feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, nurture neglected children, or care for the elderly.  The stories of those who help carry the Cross and those who wipe Jesus’ brow are also part of the “Urban Way of the Cross.”

Jesus’ death on the Cross can be seen as part of his journey though life—the result of his consistent way of standing with those others ignored, hurt or persecuted, one of the consequences of the choices he made as he sided with the lowly.  On Good Friday, Christians in Albuquerque will join Jesus in standing with the vulnerable in our midst as we walk the Urban Way of the Cross.

Planned and led by a coalition of people representing many different Christian denominations in Albuquerque, the “Urban Way of the Cross” begins at Immaculate Conception Church (619 Copper, Albuquerque NM) at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, March 29 and wends its way through downtown ending with a reception at Immaculate Conception at 11:00 a.m.

UWoC 2013 flyer color


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