July 15, 2012

Inside the church, we speak of the importance of the sacraments as the gifts of grace. We speak of God’s open invitation of love. And yet, we have practiced the sacraments so many times, we can do so with little feeling.

However, today at Community of Hope, I was reminded of the significance of sacraments. A line of people formed around the communion table and the traditional words were spoken as bread and cup were shared. Suddenly, a gentleman of about 60 years old paused before me. He asked if he could really receive communion, that he never took a confirmation class, that he had never received communion in his life but always wanted to. When I told him he was welcome, tears formed in his eyes. After receiving God’s gift of grace, tears streamed down his face. A member of our church joined him in prayer.

Sacraments are not a ritual pattern, they are a powerful means of grace.

May we all be reminded of the power of God’s love.

ryan on guitar

ryan on guitar


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