April 1, 2012

One of the most surprising things over the first two months of Community of Hope has been the uniqueness of each week. Unlike the inside church that has a regular order of service, congregation, and music, every week of church outside the walls has been different and wonderful.

Passing the peace

Passing the peace

Two weeks ago we were forced inside by high winds and treated to an unexpected solo by Rory.

Last week smoke from the grill brought over 100 people. Today a smaller group of about 35 people embraced each other with love and support.

Together, we prayed for those whose lives are gripped by addiction.

Together, we ate beans, rice, and enchiladas.

Together, we discussed how Jesus remained true to his nature despite the violence used against him.

Together, we chased pieces of paper and empty cups blown by April winds.

Together, community happened.


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