March 25, 2012

Sharing a meal

Sharing a meal

Often in life,  when we go without we are forced to learn how to do new things in new ways. It is in these times that we grow in ways that we never expected.

For the last two months, Chef Jon Romero has provided the food for Community of Hope. He has done a remarkable job of filling people’s stomachs and hearts with warmth. Today Jon got a rare day off. What would we do without our chef?

We rolled out the grills.

The combination of smoke billowing off the grills, a sunny 80 degree day in Albuquerque, and the movement of the Holy Spirit brought 105 people, a beach ball, and a dog to Community of Hope.

A beach ball at Community of Hope

A beach ball at Community of Hope

The quality of the service was not only measured by the size of the crowd, but by warmth of the people.Rory and Scott joined voices in music.

Eight people from Monte Vista Christian Church served the food and voluntarily washed the dishes.

Berin and I raided the kitchen as the 100 bratwurst we had ran out.

People shared how they were troubled and heard a word of encouragement.

Chris called us to worship while Dennis read the scripture.

Children batted a beach ball into the air.

How Great is our God

How Great is our God

People raised their hands and sang “How Great is our God”.

Community happened.


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