March 18, 2012

I have often advocated that the quality of a worship service is not measured by the quantity of people, but by the sincerity of heart. Today’s Community of Hope service served as proof of this theory.

As the morning worship services took place at Central UMC, one could hear strong winds gusting against the side of the church. At noon, Joe and I walked outside to determine if we would have outdoor worship. The wind blew so strong I could barely open the door. As we walked out of the church, we saw windblown broken roof tiles on the ground.

For the first time since starting Community of Hope, we would not have outside worship.

Unfortunately 50 mile an hour wind gusts reduced our weekly gathering from 40-some people to 25. But, nothing reduced the spirit.

For two hours, people met, shared a lunch, worshiped, prayed, and cared for each other.

Rory, who lost his children at ages 18 and 19, and whose wife will have surgery on Tuesday, sang an original song that testified to God’s love.

The Community shared their struggles.

People were challenge to hear the message “For God so loved”.

A church member who joined the service had tears in her eyes when she received Holy Communion.

People embraced as they passed the peace.

Community happened.

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